“Truth or Fraud”

LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.  Your hair is red as flames!

It’s not that you shy away from the truth altogether. You know it when you are near it. It’s like Marco Polo in the pool. Sometimes you cheat and get out of the water.

You worry about how others will judge you. Then you double down on the bet like a greedy gambler chasing the high.

Truth or Fraud? It’s that crazy dash between the shower and finding the towel. Naked, raw, exposed. You’re wet but on fire!

You know the right thing instinctively. But your gut is a compass that you leave behind in the junk drawer when you go out into the world.    

How twisted do you have to be when you bend your viewpoint so far that you have to look around a corner to see yourself? No, wonder things hurt. You can’t recognize your own reflection by looking in the fun house mirror.

The outer stuff is just fleeting.  Your facial expressions will work even as your eyebrows disappear. The outer wear crumbles away over time naturally. It is like the mist that burns away after day break. It is not where the truth lives. Trees shed their leaves in winter so that they can bloom again in spring.

Stop smiling when things hurt. No need to deny yourself when you’re sad, mad or greedy. Allow yourself the occasional desperation. Plant your flag in the pile of shit and own it. When you are kind and straight with yourself; you nurture integrity. Trusting yourself allows the feeling to sprout and grow.  Be the gentle gardener!

There is nothing more attractive than realness. People are drawn to it. Use your flash light (it doesn’t have to be the super white glow in the dark teeth). Fuck them, no one can tell if you are smiling in the dark anyway.

The Truth is your greatest super power. Wear it proudly like a cape.

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