Dream On

I am a Fish

I dreamt I was a beautiful, colorful and shiny fish caught in a net. I had scales that reflected light. I was awash in shimmery green, silver and purple. I was floating in the current. I wasn’t trapped so much as hanging out in the net. Like an otter who hangs out in the kelp. 

The net was silver mesh. I was moving around in the net. I was kind of relaxing in the net like a fluid hammock. I realized that I was drawing energy from the net. Other fish were attracted to the energy in the net and to me. I was feeling super charged.

I was also aware of how much energy I was taking in and how much I was letting out. I didn’t want the other fish to drain me.

Musical Arms

I walked out the front door a really cool vacation home. Standing in the well manicured front walk way was my sister-in-law Hillary. There were huge blooms of flowers in blue and purple and tons of fire flies and dragon flies buzzing around. I ran back into the house to grab a camera so I could take pictures.

As I ran back inside, I was waving my arms and the fire and dragon flies where swarming around me. When I waved my arms they started to make music. It sounded like a symphony.