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Personal Coaching 

I use the term "Personal Coaching". Why?


Personal can refer to all kinds of life circumstances; career changes, improving wellness (life/work balances, stress, weight loss, etc). Anywhere a client wants to make change(s). 


Coaching is more broadly recognized as a professional, holistic and complementary medium in which certified professionals can help move clients forward in habit development and goal setting.

I am a wellness professional using methodologies based in science like positive psychology. I bring compassion, leadership, creativity, wisdom and humor to my coaching.

Certifications & Experience 

Certified Life Coach by
Martha Beck 


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Certified Health & Wellness Coach by Wellcoaches Corp.

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Member of the International Coach Federation

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  • More than 10,000 hours of client coaching

  • Private practice since 2007

  • Uses science based positive psychology and active listening 

  • Client-focused, supportive approach to habit forming and goal setting  


“Do you ever wish you had someone to “unload” your feelings to without feeling like you are sitting with a therapist….and more of a friend with a very open mind?  Well that is what Felicia did for me at a time when I needed to change direction and focus, personally and professionally.  Felicia helped and continues to help me navigate through a complete career change.  As with many out there, I was stuck in a corporate job that was taxing on me and my family and she helped me find my passion and courage to make the change.  Thank you!” 

Maureen, Client

“Felicia was caring and compassionate, but remained professional at all times.  I truly felt like I had someone in my corner cheering for me.I enjoyed setting goals and having someone hold me accountable.  I was actually able to accomplish one of my dreams because of Felicia’s support and encouragement I was able to run a 5k!  I learned that I am stronger than I ever imagined. Felicia helped me immensely through a very dark period in my life.  I may not be completely healed, but I am well on my way!  I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will benefit from the experience. ”

Ellen, Client

“Felicia Ryan is a keen-eyed, insightful, and incredibly dedicated coach with a hugely impressive arsenal of training and talent. She’ll do whatever it takes to make sure her clients achieve their goals; if I were facing a difficult challenge; I’d definitely want her coaching me. Felicia’s work with weight-loss and body issues is informed by her own experience, as well as her extensive education. She has an unusual mastery of a wide variety of coaching tools, and boy, does she make them work. You’re going to love having her on your team.”

Dr. Martha Beck

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Personal Coach Inquiries

I accept new clients on a limited basis. 

For rates, inquiries or to schedule a consultation please fill out this form.

Personal Coaching 

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