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Hi, Felicia!

What I've Learned About Life So Far:

  • We are all works in progress

  • Acknowledging our fears and and working through our reservations can build resilience

  • Asking for help takes courage and is a sign of strength

  • Fart Jokes are always funny (at least to me)

  • Multitudes (ask me more about this)

    • ​I can be a ​drawer organizer, conversation facilitator, podcaster, feminist, good listener, dog-mom, and kick ass pizza maker

  • Embracing my artistic self came with giving "no fucks"

  • Facilitating public conversation is an art that I am dedicated to

  • Listening is my super hero power

  • There is always more to be grateful for

  • I will always need to travel more

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Image by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan

Partially my Story
(I know I switched tense -- is that wierd?)

Felicia produces and hosts the "Hi Felicia!" podcast. If you love true crime you’ve probably never heard of it. Her podcast is a conversation show with different artists, coaches, writers, teachers and community folks who come willing to listen and learn by sharing their stories. The podcast can be found on podcasting platforms and social media places she might begrudgingly keep up with.


Her introvert exposes herself monthly at The Malden Writers Collaborative where she puts on “real clothes” and sometimes wears a bra. She has performed her short stories and poems at various open mics in the Greater Boston Area. She has emceed various conferences and poetry events around Malden.

She married a very Handsome tall guy who wildly waves his native Maldonian paws when talking. Other co-habitats include: a teenager whose life signs are confirmed by evidence of open drawers, all the good snacks are eaten, wet towels on the floor, and a visible fog of ‘coconut beach spray’ lingering in the air. She also shares the couch with the farty end of a brindle greyhound named Arnie who loves crispy bread and thankfully keeps all the occupants safe from TV doorbells.

Felicia is completing a novel memoir, titled “Colors of Me” where all the chapters kinesthetically transcend tone, mood, across writing genres. She thanks all her imaginary fans, and her fellow writers in TMWC who help make her work better every year and her family of origin who will never read her book because they don’t remember what she does.


Creating community thru conversation is my passion. Let's connect.

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