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What is Lost is Found

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

I grew up in a championship puzzler household

We may not have communicated clearly

But in our own ways

we were able to complete the puzzles

Lately, I have been missing puzzle pieces

I look in the usual places

on the floor, in the box lid, under the couch, in the vacuum

I can’t seem to find them

It’s not just me

The world is missing pieces

Our Uncle with a great smile is missing from family photos

Our Mom with her special recipes is no longer in the kitchen

Our child with expounding love for everyone isn’t in their room

I found our missing pieces in the place I last expected

In the pages of the newspaper

Pages and pages of them

The fabric that meshes our family is thread bare

The picture on the cover of the box is fractured

The obituary pages fare full of people you may have sat next to on the train

Beloved teachers, friends, aunts, mothers, uncles, neighbors

They lovingly held our recipes, our secrets, our language, our history, and our conversations

They held stories about how our world looked different

How we felt about each other before

If only we had those pieces

our world would make sense again

We might feel safe again

Remember who we were

We might not feel so l




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